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Dan Simpson Stock & Performance VW Aircooled Engine Builder

Dan Simpson, VW aircooled engine builder, has been involved in the Volkswagen scene for nearly 40 years. What started off as a hobby for Dan quickly progressed in to his leading passion. The company, Dan Simpson Performance Engines, was formed in the summer of 2008 and since then Dan has built up a regular client base of aircooled fanatics like himself.  Dan is a very personable man who is passionate about his engines and the VW & Porsche aircooled scene, you will find him at shows all over the UK and when not at shows he is in his workshops working on someones new toy. Dan has built a network of contacts around the globe to enable him to locate the quality parts he wants to use in his engines, and is a regular visitor to Europe and the USA to enlarge his network of contacts, look at new or better products and update his knowledge base.

Dan is happy to build any aircooled engine you require from stock to performance and to fit most budgets. You say what you want to achieve and he will provide the build sheet and cost breakdown for you to consider. He will only use quality parts so you can be assured of the high standard of finish of all his engines. +44 (0) 7974 272357

Services offered;

  • Stock aircooled engine building (High Quality)
  • Bespoke performance engines
  • Crank balancing
  • Head machining
  • Modification
  • Engine parts and equipment

For more information regarding ‘Dan Simpson Performance Volkswagen and Porsche Engines’, contact him at strokeit@hotmail.co.uk or give him a ring on+44 (0) 7974 272357  
Or visit us on Facebook to catch up on what Dan is building now.

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