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VW Aircooled Engines – Bespoke or Stock by Dan Simpson VW Engines

VW aircooled  engines built by Dan Simpson to suit a customer’s specific requirements. Listed here are some turnkey engines, long-blocks and engine kits. Dan will also build a bespoke engine to fit your vehicle and your requirements from Stock through upgraded to Performance street engines. Contact Dan now for further information.

Q. Why Do I Need Dan Simpson To Build My VW Aircooled Engine??

  • Ive been building VW aircooled engines for over 40 years. this gives me a vast knowledge on these aircooled engines as I only build this type of engine.
  • I consider myself to be very user friendly and available to give my time to discuss your needs.
  •  I do not simply supply turnkey VW aircooled engines like all the rest, a large part of my business is bespoke and street performance engines.
  • I do build completely stock/standard spec engines as well.
  • I aim to build a perfect engine to suit your individual needs whether its for a Type 1 Beetle. Type 2 Bus or a salon car
  • I only use top quality parts, and will not be convinced to reduce costs by using lesser quality parts.
  • You can also buy parts from this site which I use in my own engine’s
  • My engine assembly method is precise and second to none, I build top quality engines with my own hands, there is no production line here!

Contact Me now to discuss your needs if you don’t see what you are looking for here.