Oil System

Oil Systems for VW aircooled Type 1 and Type 2 Engines.

The oil system is the life blood of any aircooled engine. Therefore it follows that Aircooled means to cool the oil and engine.  Both the oil, and in turn the engine, need to be maintained at a reasonable operating temperature to avoid damage. Ignore the oil cooling system of your VW aircooled engine at your peril. 

With a stock engine make sure the oil is changed regularly and that all the  tin ware is fitted. It was put there for a reason so don’t just throw it over your shoulder if your not sure where it goes!

With the street performance engine built here at Dan Simpson VW Engines, Dan adds sump extensions and always full flows the oil system, pumping the oil out of the crank case and through a remote filter, thermostat and cooler before returning back to the crank case. The oil system Dan’s uses and its components can be found here. 

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