Albertronics 123/ VW-R Ignition


123 VW-R

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Albertronics 123/ VW-R Ignition for Aircooled VW’s not requiring Vacuum Advance

The Albertronics 123/VW-R ignition can be used in all VW aircooled engines Type ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’  vehicles WITHOUT vacuum advance

The 123/VW-R-V was developed in co-operation with VW aircooled experts. In addition to the Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Buggy without vacuum advance, it can also be installed in the Porsche 356 and 912 models.

Features of the 123/VW-R electronic ignition

With a switch you can easily choose the advance-curve that is specified for your specific engine. The unit offers a built-in LED for easy static timing and several different advance-curves. 
It also offers: 
– Automatic dwell 
– Spark balancing 
– Automatic power-cut after 1 second 
– etc. etc.

Please note the following about the 123/VW-R 123ignition

When you need a 123 ignition with vacuum advance, please order a 123/VW-R-V.

Please read the installation manual carefully. It contains the specifications of the 123-ignition system, as well as a step-by-step description of the installation procedure. The installation instructions also contain a cross-reference between the original Bosch number and the setting of the 123/VW-R, as well as a list which links VW engine numbers to the required setting of the 123 ignition.

Coil and spark plugs

Although used coils all look alike, they should be viewed with suspicion since one cannot tell from the outside whether, and how often they were exposed to overheating in the past. Installing the 123 ignition system will ensure that the coil will never be overheated again in future. We recommend the Bosch Blue Coil.