Aircooled Engine Oil 15/50w



Joe Gibbs HR1 Motor Oil for VW Aircooled.

Aircooled Engine Oil 15/50w. The only performance engine oil specifically designed for classic cars, muscle cars,and historic racing. Ideally suited for stock and high performance aircooled VW and Porsche engines and used in all our engines at Dan Simpson VW engines. Sold in 5ltr

High Zinc Protection.

Joe Gibbs HR1 Aircooled Engine Oil 15/50 contains high levels of Zinc (ZDDP) which is a must for flat tappet cam engines, and is ideal for a VW aircooled engine. Users of modern cars no longer need ZDDP additives in their engine oils, and over the years this has been reduced in modern oils. However in our classic engines, including VW aircooled, not using engine oils with ZDDP additives will cause premature wear (flatten) the camshaft, cam followers (lifters), resulting in early engine failure

Oil Weight 15/50w

Using the correct oil in your engine is probably one of the most important things you can do to protect your engine. The weight of the oil (thickness) is important because when it is cold the oil will be thicker than when hot. Depending on the climate in which you live, and use your vehicle, your oil needs to be thin enough to protect your engine as soon as possible so, for example, in a cold climate using a thick oil will mean the oil will not be very efficient until the engine reaches operating temperature. In these climates therefore it follows that you should use a thinner oil so it can function better when cold.

In the UK the ideal oil is 15/50w so its thin enough to operate at our low temperatures when cold, but not too thin when hot. Joe Gibbs Motor Oil HR1 15/50w is perfect for regular use in an aircooled VW or Porsche in the UK.

Further to this for newly built VW engines, Joe Gibbs Motor Oil BR40 10/40w is ideal for use as a break-in oil for the first 400 miles as it’s weight is light enough so as to function and protect your engine from the initial start up.

Engine Storage Protection with Joe Gibbs HR1 Aircooled Engine Oil 15/50w

Use of this engine oil will also aid in prevention of rust and corrosion within the engine when not in use. Perfect for us summer only VW aircooled owners who store our vehicles through the winter months.