Mofoco 042 Street Cylinder Heads (Pair)


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Mofoco 042 Cylinder Heads for Street VW Aircooled Type 1 and Type 2 Engines

Why Mofoco 042 Performance Cylinder Heads

These American made Mofoco 042 Performance Cylinder Heads are cast at a foundry just 75 miles from Mofoco. Using a superior quality material developed by the lads at Mofoco over many years. The castings are then machined using a blend of CNC and hand machining carried out by experts working at Mofoco. These aircooled VW cylinder heads have been developed solely by Mofoco over many years.  They are arguably the best VW air cooled cylinder heads on the market in the world today.

In independent testing, the Mofoco cylinder heads out flowed, out-performed and out cooled all other heads on the market at this time (CB declined to participate in testing).

Mofoco 042 Performance Cylinder Heads are not a production line head. Once the castings arrive at Mofoco, they are part CNC and part hand machined the team at Mofoco. The machinist, Dan, lives and breath’s performance engines and machining. Years of dedication and passion go into this process and he personally installs all the seats and guides by hand affording the correct press fit. Unlike similar fitted on a production line using mechanical press. This guarantees neither will move or come loose, even under the hardest abuse. All 3 angle cuts on all the seats are also carried out by hand. Finally every head is vacuum tested on completion. Before final assembly, he lubes all the valve stems, sets the springs to the correct installed height, then fits the retainers and collets. 

SCORE Approved

Mofoco cylinder heads are also “Score” approved. This is an off road, desert, mechanically abusive race series, of the most demanding type. The participants will not accept head failures. M0f0c0 heads not only provide these racers with superior performance, they also give that oh so necessary reliability and exceptional cooling ability. The additional material in the plug areas and under the barrel seating surface, allows for machining for bigger barrels without break through and no plug thread cracking. To add to this, Mofoco heads have more, thicker cooling fins to give vastly improved heat dissipation. A must for all aircooled engines whether stock or performance.

The superior cooling and strength also allow’s for increased compression ratio, with no fear of detonation. Thus promoting a more complete combustion burn, so less fuel is wasted, acceleration is improved, and flat spots eliminated. Only Mofoco heads can stand by these claims.

Mofoco cylinder heads are successfully being used on daily drivers, heavy campers pulling caravans, hot street motors, and race motors of all kinds.  Even twin plug aircraft engines are fitted with these heads. Currently they are developing an even better material for the castings, and continue development of these world class quality heads.

Who is Mofoco?

Mofoco is a family run business in Milwaukee in the Mid-West on the banks of Lake Michigan, and the Henning family have been in business there since the 60’s. Randy Henning is now semi-retired although remains heavily involved in the business and owns and runs The Great Lakes Drag Way, a ¼ mile asphalt strip in Wisconsin. His two son’s Roy and Paul continue the good work he started in the VW scene. They produce a range of quality parts for aircooled VW engines and build to order several engines a week which they ship all over the USA.

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