Pertronix Distributor for VW Aircooled (With Vacuum Advance)


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Pertronix Distributor 009 Style for Aircooled Engines

Pertronix  Distributor for VW Aircooled, 009 Style. Pre-fitted with Ignitor 1 electronic ignition, for Type 2 Bus aircooled engines.

This is a good quality replacement cast distributor for your heavier Type 2 aircooled engine. The Vacuum Advance is needed on the heavier bus engines to stop the “Bog-down” or lag. This lag is what you experience with buses when accelerating or the engine is under torque.

Because it comes complete with the benefit of the Ignitor 1 module electronic ignition you can throw away the old points. If you wish you replace your distributor on your Type 1 aircooled Beetle, then you do not need this vacuum advance model. You can find here also the same distributor without the Vacuum Advance option.

Because we all hate adjusting points!

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