Vintagespeed Super Flow Exhaust for VW Splitscreen


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Vintagespeed Super Flow Exhaust for VW Splitscreen

This Vintagespeed Super Flow Exhaust is ideal for VW Splitscreen. It is a quality stainless steel Superflow exhaust silencer with tuck tail pipe designed for type 1 engines up to 150bhp. Can be fitted to lowered or stock height VW Splitscreen Buses. A beautifully welded and manufactured stainless steel, made on exacting jigs for a perfect fit. It has great ground clearance and will work with some towbars. 


  • It has a 5 year warranty.
  • Vintage Speed stainless steel Superflow exhaust silencer
  • Heat riser pipes without preheat pipes; ideal for engines with twin carburettors
  • Fixing kit including gaskets
  • Muffler itself is about 20mm higher than engine rear support bar, #209 Tail pipe exit is about 18mm below rear bumper.
  • Built in M18x1.5 nuts for Lamda sensor when tuning carburetors.

Options when purchasing this exhaust system.

If you have a stock/standard engine with a single carburettor you will need to purchase the heat riser option , this allows the original inlet manifold to connect to the exhaust to get the added pre-heat to the manifold/carburettor as per original system.

Fitting kit is included, for single carburettor application with heat risers from the inlet manifold you will require riser pipes. Click Here for link to heat riser option