VW Engle W100 Camshaft


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VW Performance Engle w100 Camshaft for T1 and T2

VW Engle W100 camshaft for type 1 Beetle and type 2 Bus aircooled engines. The Engle W100 Classic VW camshaft grind is designed for 1.1 or 1.25 rockers, and it’s specs are as follows;

  • .383″ Cam Lift
  • .420″ Valve Lift (1.1 Rockers)
  • 276 degrees of advertised duration
  • 236 degrees of duration at .050″ at a 108 Lobe Center.

This camshaft is a step up from the Engle W90 it is an excellent camshaft which will work with the stock carburettor (rough idle, cleaning up at 1500RPM), or a center mount 2bbl progressive style carb. It will idle like stock with dual single throat carburettors (Weber ICTs and Kadron Solex  or dual barrel carbs like Weber 40IDF and Dellorto 36 or 40 DRLA 

This cam works great even with stock heads, but as head work is increased it’s performance will too! Expect a power band of idle to 5500 RPMs

You can get by with HD Single Valve springs and Bolt On Rocker Shafts. Use a compression ratio of 7.5-8.25:1.

If you choose to use this cam with 1.25 rockers, you will extend the top end to 5200, but DUAL SPRINGS ARE REQUIRED.

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