VW Engle W90 Camshafts


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VW Performance Engle W90 Camshafts for T1 Beetle and T2 Bus Aircooled Engines.

VW  performance Engle W90 camshaft for Type 1 and Type 2 Beetle and bus aircooled engines.  This Engle W90 camshaft is an ideal camshaft for a heavier VW bus. It is a recent addition to the Engle family and proving popular

VW Performance Engle W90 Camshaft for Type 1 and Type 2 ,  1.1 or 1.25 Rockers is designed for 1.1 or 1.25 rockers, and it’s specs are .295″ Cam Lift, .325″ Valve Lift (1.1 Rockers), 265 degrees of advertised duration, and 224 degrees of duration at .050″, on a 107 Lobe Center.

This cam works great even with stock heads, but as headwork is increased it’s performance will too! Expect a powerband of idle to 5000 RPMs

This cam is great because you can use heavy duty Single Valve springs and Bolt On Rocker Shafts, but a lot of people use it with stock valve springs and stock rockers too! Use a compression ratio of 8-8.25:1.

Great camshaft for any 1600cc and above size aircooled vw engine in a vw bus. Other Engle Camshafts available are Engle W100 – Engle W110 and Engle W120

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